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At Pawminded, we only use LIMA principle; the least intrusive and minimally aversive training methods.

Our goal is to transform dog owners into their dog’s favorite trainer,

using a reward-based system that includes: praise, play, treats and toys.

The Pawminded core values align with the uptrend in positive and holistic approaches in 

dog ownership because we love dogs as much as you do .

Our methods empower owners to pawsitively integrate dogs into their 
lives and help dogs stay in their forever homes.


Dogs and humans have been companions for thousands of years. We
deserve to make each other happy. Yet, in the US alone, 3.3 million dogs

are without forever homes. Many more are surrendered annually by 

their humans for a variety of reasons. These stats and our professional 

experience within the dog welfare community prove that people need an

accessible and professionally-vetted resource to better prepare them to 

be confident dog owners. Our goal is to engage, train and save because 

it is our business to create a win-win situation for dogs and humans.



We can help you help your dog.


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Co-Founder / Lead Trainer

Ela is a credentialed trainer with a background in Behavior Science and Canine psychology. Ela holds a certificate in Canine psychology and is certified in Pet First Aid Safety, Pet C.P.R., Pet Respiratory, Safe Pet Moving, Emergency, and Pet Poisonings. Ela is also an established business entrepreneur and member of The Humane Society Animal Rescue Team (A.R.T.), Association of professional Dog Trainers(A.P.D.T.), and the international Association of Canine professionals (I.A.C.P.).She has combined her business background and love and passion for all things dog into a dog training career in Southern California since 2014. Before launching pawminded, she was training and overseeing C.O.R.E., a premier dog boarding and training company in Los Angeles. Ela continues to enhance her expertise by studying under expert behaviorist James O'Heare (Doctor of Behaviorology and writer of "Empowerment Training" and "Dog Training" ) and is on track to earn her Dipl. C.B.S.T

Co-Founder / Business Development

Paloma worked in the entertainment industry for over ten years. As an execution and creative, She's honed her skills in project/business development and management. Paloma uses her experience developing and pitching multimillion-dollar project and managing over 100 person teams to maintain and enhance Pawminded's short term and long term goals. Paloma holds a Master's degree from the University of Southern California (USC) and two bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Paloma is grateful to be working with such an inspiring team and truly believes in the mission to empower the dog-human connection.

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